The biggest honor or tribute any coach can receive besides winning a championship is having a field named after them. This reflects the impact that was made by the coach for the organization. The East Bay Buccaneers honored Frank Ortega on October 31, 2020 by naming their game field, "Frank Ortega Field". For the generations of athletes who previously stepped on the East Bay Buccaneer's field knew Coach Frank as the man who coached hard but was always fair. He would never ask you to do something he didn't think you could do. He wanted the best for every football player and cheerleader while they performed. He also wanted the best from the coaches. For the generation of athletes who will now step on Frank Ortega Field will hear the stories of Coach Frank. They will only know him through memories of people from the past. Winning is always fun but teaching life lessons to young student athletes means more. 

Coach Frank Ortega's Family

Coach Frank Ortega's son, Joshua, during the field naming ceremony.

Coach Frank Ortega's portrait on the scoreboard.

Former players who now play at local high schools

Friends and family honoring Coach Frank Ortega

Friends and family honoring Coach Frank Ortega

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